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At the Galway English Academy, we want to try to reduce our Carbon Footprint as a School. We believe that any small change that we can make is worth making. Together, our small changes can lead to big changes!

  • When coming to class, please don't  grab a coffee on the way! We will make you a tea or coffee on arrival to reduce the use of disposable cups. 

  • Same goes for water! We have installed a fresh water dispenser at the school to refill your water bottles.

  • We recycle as much as possible at the school, including our ink cartridges. All paper we use at the school is 100% recycled paper.
  • All receipts are emailed to our students to reduce paper. 
  • We support a local environmental organisation, Hometree, which works to establish and conserve permanent native woodland in Ireland, encouraging land regeneration and biodiversity through afforestation, restoration and education.