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Intensive Pre-Intermediate Course - Galway English Academy

Galway English Academy

Intensive Pre-Intermediate Course


09:45-11:15    Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
14:00-15:30    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
18:15-19:45    Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
10% discount when booking 4-8 weeks
15% discount when booking 9-12 weeks
9 hours of class for €110/ week
Are you looking to brush up your English language skills before taking an Intermediate Course? Then this Intensive Pre-Intermediate course is for you! This class will help you improve your reading, writing, and speaking skills. You'll leave the class with a strong foundation that will help you succeed in Intermediate English Courses 
  • The objectives of this course are to improve students' reading, writing, and speaking abilities
  • There is a maximum of eight students in each class
  • Fun and interactive classes
  • An Intensive Pre-Intermediate Course is perfect if you want to improve your vocabulary and grammar skills